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Custom Surface Tension and Adhesion Houdini 17


This video shows custom Surface Tension and Adhesion forces for Popfluid in Houdini 17.

It’s my WIP for making small scale fluid simulations.

Download a (*.hipnc or *.hip later): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1S1nbOxh_5uwkSK_M8fHI792qHhBWMxPE

I will update the file (current is ST_Ah_008)


Gamma and Beta parameters are multipliers of strength of both effects. Big values cause instability, you must tune that for your scene scale and resolution

Search Radius in Surface Tension node should not be less than Kernel Radius(this is fixed automatically). In Adhesion node I continue to make test and will change the asset

credit: AlexanderM

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