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Gabriel Roccisano – FX Reel


Demoreel breakdown:

X-Men: Apocalpyse
Cyclops eye beams
Procedural volumetric noise interference patterns implemented with Houdini VBDs and a fairly involved compositing setup (Nuke) to develop this look.
Tree fire implemented with Houdini 15 pyro.
Gods of Egypt
Distributed pyroclastic smoke simulations on Apophis. Creature was counter animated so it’s head sat at origin in an axis aligned wind tunnel.
Pompeii (Mr X)
2013 FX TD – Houdini
Pyroclastic smoke simulations. Built a library of custom volumetric geometry sequences with proxy low res components that allowed artistic layout of pyroclastic smoke plumes. Custom volumetric shaders (Mantra) to effect the pyroclastic look and an animated displacement shader for the vortex effect. Smoke assets were rolled out to other members of the FX team.
Gravity (Rising Sun Pictures)
2012 FX TD – Houdini
Kessler field. Background debris burning up in atmosphere. Procedural Houdini FX.
Harry Potter 7 part 1 (Rising Sun Pictures)
2010 FX TD – Houdini
Worked on bespoke animation and simulations for the Horcrux sequence as part of the FX team. Meat, slime, ink & leaf effects.
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (Rising Sun Pictures)
2011 FX TD – Houdini
Developed and ran bespoke plant simulations to interact with animated characters (collision and wind). Bespoke plant debris and leaf simulations. Procedural layout, lighting and rendering of valley of flowers.

“Minotaur” by Alix Perez and EPROM


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