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Avengers: Infinity War

– ground interaction: soil breakup (Bullet), debris (Bullet), grit (POPs), dust (Smoke)

Ready Player One

– characters (Mechagodzilla, Gundam) and props (guns, grenade, cameras) transformation fx (tools and shot work)

– smoke trails

– shockwaves

Transformers: The Last Knight

– debris (Bullet)


– vomit (setup and shots, FLIP)

– character deflation setup (FEM cloth)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge

– water wall interaction fx (a toolset and shots)

– wind gust fx (setup and render)

Fantastic Four

– lava (FLIP)

San Andreas

– destruction of a building (setups and shot): Bullet and smoke sims

Dracula Untold

– development of a bat flocking setup, shot work

– volumetric Dragon cloud

Jupiter Ascending

– alien transformation fx (setup, helper tools such as barycentric coordinate deformer, C++ / HDK and shot work)

– blood shot fx (FLIP setup and shot work)

– jet exhaust setup (procedural CVEX based volume generator) and shot work

– cloaking effect setup and shots

– explosion fx (shot work)

47 Ronin

– early R&D of cloth trail effect (C++ / HDK)

– ground interaction (scenes with Kirin and Dragon): ground breakup (Bullet), debris (Bullet), grit (POPs), dust (smoke)

– helper tools for sourcing and microsolvers for smoke (C++ / HDK)

– auxiliary tools for RBD / grass collision map generation

– shot work

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

– development of a custom Pyro solver using the standard and custom micro solvers (C++ / HDK)

– various helper tools for setting up the sources, force fields, conversion between the point arrays / particles and volumes (VEX, C++ / HDK)

– steam effect setup and shot work

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

– tool development for fluid sourcing, velocity field, screen displacement of water reflections

– shot work (smoke simulations, rendering)

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

– development of Houdini import / export plugins (C++ / HDK) for proprietary particle cache format (used by Maya, Houdini and Renderman)

– development of the tools related to creation / transformation of multiple SDFs and velocity fields, generation of particle sources from multiple

SDFs, velocity generators that work in conjunction with particle source generators, efficient particle-to-SDF collision tools that handle

millions of particles against thousands of SDFs, conversion of 3D SDFs into 2D textures (VEX, Python, HDAs).

– development of 2.5D particle simulations for sliding sand effects, R&D for twister like effects (VEX, HDAs).

– shot work (airborne sand such as splashes and sprays)

Clash of the Titans

– fluid simulations for one of Hades’ cape elements


– R&D for volumetric dust effects

– tools for particle source generation from Massive crowd point clouds with wedging (HDAs, VEX, HScript)

– development of dust volumetric shader

– dust fx look dev and shot work


– development of a toolset for volumetric dust / smoke, spark effects (particle generators, velocity fields, collision detectors, fluid advectors,

attribute setup helpers, volumetric shaders using VEX, HScript, HDAs)

– smoke / dust effects look development and shot work

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

– tool for ground foliage interaction

The Golden Compass

– development of different variations of volumetric shaders based on metaballs / 3d textures / point clouds

– helper tools (VEX, HScript, HDAs)

– snow dust and ice debris effects (particle source generation, velocity fields, RBDs, point cloud based aligning tools for RBDs, shaders, lookdev

and shot work)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

– shockwave fx (setup, shader, lookdev etc)

– magic shield fx (the setup, shader, rendering)

– magic wand fx (the setup, shader, rendering)

– ground interaction fx: pine needles / twigs / dirt (POPs, RBDs, shading and rendering)

Music: Captain Panic! & Systek “Convergence”

Credit: Oleksandr Panaskevych


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