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Since I recently switched to CentOS 7 I thought I revisit my old openOcean project to test out memory usage etc.

sim details:
– water base: custom wavelayer setup (reseeding flip-particles to refresh ocean layer every 100 frames), single sim, 41 Mio particles
– foam/bubbles: custom whitewater-setup (advected POP), clustered simulation on 4 machines, roughly 30 Mio particles
– spray: custom spray solver (POP) to replicate liquid behaviour, clustered simulation on 4 machines, roughly 26 Mio particles (less memory needed than flip, could go a lot higher on 32gig machines)
– ocean: 4k resolution, ocean-foam: custom POP-foam-solver (same for spray), clustered simulation on 4 machines, roughly 55 Mio particles
– ocean-mist: standard pyro sim (clustered again on 4 machines). cached out only density because I ended up having 400 Mio voxel for each cluster (area is so big)
– spray-mist: standard pyro sim (single sim), roughly 490 Mio voxel
– everything simulated and rendered with houdini 15 on 32/64 gig machines
– 325 frames simulated, disk space about 6.5 TB (kept only 1 version of each layer)

It was really handy to write out proxy-files on the fly (custom cache-ROP). Otherwise it would have been really difficult to handle all this data. It would be nice to add a wetmap-layer for the ship as well as a bit more random lifespan for the foam, but I’m running out of time .. after all it’s still a personal project 🙂

For comping I tested out Fusion 8 .. made a good impression (although I’m not a real comper)

Hope you enjoy it.

Credit: Boris Bruchhaus


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